Oh My goodness.!!!

the team at MBAETZ store in ERFURT has been so helpful to me.

My TRIPPEN Overall F shoes have just arrived (directly from the Trippen facility in Zehdenick, Brandenburg. Germany). Why straight from the production facility and not from MBAETZ? Well they knew I wanted the shoes for an event here in Chicago this week and they did their utmost to get them to me. Without their navigation I would have received the shoes but not in such an expedited fashion. I am so grateful. And further more right out of the box I can wear them. You see this particular model is known to run large and they were able to counsel me as to correct size. You can see from the shape of the foot bed I did not want to get the size wrong and these fit beautifully. This is my first pair of Trippen shoes and I was looking for a sandal with a boot style. I am delighted. Thanks very much to all the team at MBAETZ.

Jill L.

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